Sukyong K.

My husband had a foot and hand fungus that he received while in the Philippines about 4 years ago. Numerous doctors he had seen about it gave him medications, which only made it worse. After a few treatments with your– Ionic Detox Foot Bath System it’s gone, even though he places only his feet in […]

Herb N.

I was old (72) out of shape and felt worthless. I had seen a detox session at the state fair with my friend and was amazed at the amount of toxins I could see in front of me being removed from people’s body. They were so high priced at the fair, so I figured I […]

Jean M.

In 1996 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Over the years, numbness and pain has subsided in my lower legs. After my second time using your detox foot bath, the pain and numbness has been greatly reduced. Especially in my knees, the pain is now easily manageable.

Linda K.

I have now done 13 treatments with your foot spa, I wanted to wait a few months to leave my foot bath review. I find that I now have a lot more energy, my bowels move easier as well. I also have a HUGE reduction in pain from my muscles and joints. It also gave […]

Betty Cline

I purchased an Ionic Cleanse machine from mydetoxfootbath.com with my family in mind and especially my husband. After a little practice and use, his condition improved drastically. The next thing i knew, people were calling me to get a detox. it went from that to me having to purchase a second machine. I have a […]

Jan and Mark

My wife and I ordered two Ionic Detox Foot Spa and Bath devices for our practice. Our clients could not be more thrilled. We use them also and have found them to be every bit as good as the much more expensive Aqua Chi or Ion Cleanse foot spas. If you are looking for a […]

Harry Costello

I became interested in the Foot Detox process and decided to have this done at my local Health Food Store. I have been going for the past month with great success. I decided to research this process on the internet and found many different machines and prices. It took me about 3 weeks to decide […]

George T.

I found Mydetoxfootbath online and I have had treatment at my doctor before. I have joint pain from my arthritis and this unit really helps me manage it! I then got tired of always going to the doctor so decided to obtain one for myself. I love it, I get great results! I am now […]