Harry Costello

I became interested in the Foot Detox process and decided to have this done at my local Health Food Store. I have been going for the past month with great success. I decided to research this process on the internet and found many different machines and prices. It took me about 3 weeks to decide on a machine and where to purchase it from.  My Detox Foot Bath was the company I chose over about 10 others. The reason for this decision was first the quality of the Machine and second was the price. I can say without hesitation I did not make a mistake.

I performed the Detox procedure on 4 of my family members with great success and in turn they became believers in this procedure. They were all skeptical of this process until they witnessed the results. I have attached the photos I took during the Detox process. The A1 2X Power Detox Unit has worked flawlessly and I stand behind what is stated above and look to many more positive results. For myself my Blood Pressure has come down and my Anxiety is very much under control. This is what has been the positive results for me. I am not a Doctor or a trained Health Official, so I am not saying your results will be the same as mine. You have to judge the results for yourself.

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