Betty Cline

I purchased an Ionic Cleanse machine from with my family in mind and especially my husband. After a little practice and use, his condition improved drastically. The next thing i knew, people were calling me to get a detox. it went from that to me having to purchase a second machine. I have a cousin who is a retired doctor that began working with me concerning the body and the body’s PH.

After putting all that information together in reference to different diseases and understanding the PH and hydrogen ions from the machine, my business has escalated to the point of 12 to 16 customers daily without advertisement. The results are remarkable. I have brought people from having to be helped in my office, to throwing down their cane and actually going back to work.

I have seven cancer clients that I am working with and have 3 of them “cancer free”. One of which was sent home to die and given three months to live. Now we have the doctors confused.

I am going to write a book about my experiences with the detox foot bath and I do have the proof to back-up what I say. I also intend to put together a packet on how to change the machine’s settings in order to get people free of their diseases including cancer.

It’s like the doctor who works with me said “This machine is an absolute miracle for the human health”.

Watch for my book entitled “Don’t Die Early”.

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