Detox Foot Bath Professional Package


The Professional package will restock you with the consumables that you go through while using the detox foot bath machines. This kit will included 20 detox rectangle arrays, 2 foot basin, 200 basin liners, 2 11×17 charts, and 8 1oz bags of pacific sea salt.

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What’s included

  • (20) Detox rectangle arrays
  • (2) Foot Basin 18 quart.
  • (200) Basin can liners.
  • (8) 1oz bags of Pacific Sea salt.
  • (2) array brush cleaning kit
  • (2) 11″ x 17″ color charts


Note: This package does not include a detox machine. This package is for replacing necessary consumables in your detox package.

Special Note: The BioEnergiser foot bath is not compatible with our detox arrays. There is a special adapter you can use to convert plug types but we do not suggest it.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 12 in