Foot Detox Instructions

 Usage Instructions

  1. Insert power cord and array into corresponding jacks on the side of the detox foot spa.
  2. Place the array and your feet into the lined basin filled with ordinary warm tap water.
  3. Turn the power switch on. (Back side of the machine).

NOTE: Do not add salt right away and add the salt slowly in small increments.

IMPORTANT: If too much salt is added to the water the conductivity of the water will be too high due to the high salt content. In this case, discard the water and start over with a fresh batch.

  1. Enjoy your detox session! Sit back and relax for 8 minutes!

Recommended Detox Schedule

  1. The proper duration of one detox session for adults is 8 minutes.
  2. Children under 8 years old should not use the device. Children should not use the device without adult supervision.
  3. Frequency of Use
    • Adults under 50 years of age: Use once every two days until you have completed 14 treatments. Then take two weeks off to allow your body to rest. Remember, it does take energy to detox your body. After your two weeks of rest, start the same process and once you have finished, you will have completed 28 treatments. Now you can go on a maintenance schedule. Your body will let you know when you need to detox.
    • Adults 50 years of age and older: Follow the same schedule with one exception – perform your detox sessions every third day instead of every two days.

NOTE: Like everything else, moderation is good and over-indulgence is bad. Do NOT detox for more than three consecutive days and do NOT detox more than two times per day.


  1. Check to ensure that the power cord is connected securely.
  2. Ensure that the cords is plugged in correctly to the unit and the arrays are submerged.
  3. The array may be faulty so try using another one. If it is the array, please discard the array and do not attempt to use it again. If it is not the array, it has to be one of the above issues or the motherboard has malfunctioned.
  4. If you have checked all of the above and taken the necessary steps to pinpoint the issue without success, then the mother board may be broken. If you are within the six month warranty window, please contact us to schedule a return for repairs.